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As a seller of home goods, you want to make sure to sign up for the profile level that’s right for you.
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Home Goods Supplier
yes, free

BASIC Company details visible on the Directory

Company does NOT stand out in the Directory

Web Site and/or email NOT online

extra caring Savings are appreciated

Home Goods Supplier

FULL Company details visible on the Directory

Company stands out in the Directory

Web Site and/or email online

extra caring Savings are appreciated

the PROFILE LEVEL options

● be in the directory
● be found
● yes, it’s free

Declare yourself.
This is the FREE option. Tell the world about your company. Get a basic listing on the casaGOODER Directory. Your company information is accurate because you easily submit your company details, as much or as little as you choose to provide.


● be more prominent in the directory
● be easier to contact and visit
● get more customers

Get noticed.
The CLEAR levels are open to all home goods sellers. It’s for those who want an enhanced profile. Your company is more prominent on the casaGOODER Directory. Homeowners will find you easier and faster! Include your email and web site if you choose to.

And there’s no commission, no referral fees. The only charge is a modest admin fee.


be a CLEAR – pal
● be recognized as a Friend to Homeowners
● get customer loyalty
● enjoy customer referrals

Offer some kind of saving . . . (more)
Get valuable customer loyalty and referrals. Savings always get great attention. Homeowners will find you in TWO places, in BOTH the Directory and on the list of caring Companies. This saving shows good will and earns valuable loyalty. The appreciative, happy Homeowners become your devoted customers.

And as a thank you, your admin fees are reduced. It costs less to be CLEAR-pal. So, no commission, no referral fees, the only charge is a more modest admin fee.

be a CLEAR – pal