Who is a casaGOODER?
Let’s explain . . .

a casa is
your home, your hearth, your nest, your shelter, your dwelling, your castle.

a merchant, a shopkeeper, a vendor, a supplier, a seller of goods.

So, a casaGooder is a GOODER for your casa.
Someone who:
• sells home goods, supplies, products, building materials.
• supplies what a homeowner needs to take care of their casa.
• supplies what a homeowner needs to improve their casa.

That’s who a casaGOODER is.

so, if you’re a HOME GOODS SELLER
if you supply what Homeowners need for their home
connect with Homeowners who need to buy
be a casaGOODER

or, if you’re a HOMEOWNER
looking for a good place to buy something for your home
connect with a good Home Goods Seller
find a casaGOODER